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A Guide to Plexus: One woman's approach to health, wellness, parenting and more
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  1. Triplex Combo
    All the info you'll need to begin adding the Triplex to your routine.
  2. Plexus Slim
    Dietician and Ambassador, Jennifer Pickett, gives an in-depth explanation of our most popular product, Plexus Slim.
  3. Discomfort Management
    Holistic Health Coach and Ambassador, Jill Werness, tells us her personal story about Plexus Ease and Nerve.
  4. BioCleanse and ProBio5
    Dietician and Ambassador, Jennifer Pickett, tells all about our digestive health supplements, Biocleanse and Probio5.
  5. Fab 4
    Diamond Ambassador and Dietician, Wendy Larson, Gives a detailed explanation of the "Fab 4" - Slim, Biocleanse, Probio5, and XFactor. (Fast Relief is now called Ease)
  6. Block - Weight Management
    Ambassador, Kodie Helmer, gives an entertaining view on one of our weight management products.
  7. What is Plexus?
    Yours truly on a quick explanation of Plexus
  8. My Personal Testimony
    My story of finding answers to some health issues stemming from my pregnancy. I touch on mood swings, weight gain, depression, and high blood sugar.
  9. Sleep & Energy!
    Yours truly on how gut health effects our sleep patterns and energy levels.
  10. Why Join?
    Dietitian and Human Nutritionist Jennifer Pickett tells us why she joined Plexus
  11. FREE Plexus!
    No kidding, it is simple to get these products without paying a cent out of pocket. I explain in this video!


Detox- How to deal
Infertility Help
What's with the rash
Dr. Laura Wollman discusses how PCOS, Inflammation, and Insulin are interconnected. Plexus may be able to help!
Holistic Health Coach, Kim Willson Pollock, guides us through detoxification: what to expect and how to cope.
Blogger, Alex, touches on why our skin breaks out during detox and gives tips on how to manage.