Katie shares | Weight Loss

Katie's story! 👏🏻😍

Doubt your doubts. Believe your beliefs. Dare to imagine. 🌟
It took a great deal of FAITH, PATIENCE, DETERMINATION, IMAGINATION, and CONSISTENCY to reach my weight loss goals. And let me tell you, adding Plexus into my life at the time I did was GAME CHANGING. I was down 65 lbs, I was starving all the time, had the worst cravings for sugar, I was also tired, depressed, anxious and losing faith in the process and myself. I was scared I had gone as far as I could and I would soon gain my weight back (like I had always done in the past.) I knew gut health played a part in my health. But really, how MUCH? Turns out, gut health is the secret to the whole DANG THING.
Plexus didn’t do the work for me. I used it as a TOOL 🔨 to help me. Today I’m at a size I’ve never been in my entire life. Not even in high school (except one time when I was sick and couldn’t eat due to extreme anxiety).
My head is clear. My depression is gone. ☀️ My heart is happy. Confident. I don’t feel strapped down by anxiety. I no longer worry what everyone is thinking. I sleep all the way through the night and it takes me just a few minutes to fall asleep. This happens every night. I have tons of patience with my children. My sunny, positive outlook on life continues to take even ME by surprise. Who is this person?
It’s amazing what happens when you have your gut healthy, your blood sugars balanced and your inflammation under control. Your body feels how it’s meant to feel. And I can continue to age (it’s happening so fast 😂) knowing I am the healthiest I can be. What a peace of mind that is! Give yourself, your loved ones, your kids, the best version of you. The healthiest version. If you’re tired of feeling crappy every day, exhausted every morning, , fatigued all day long, plagued with depression and anxiety that affects your quality of life, let’s talk. I’ve been there my friend. I have what you need. Because I love you, I share. ❤️

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