Jessica shares | Weight Loss

“Ok, You guys! This is so hard to post…I'm so PROUD of myself, and so disgusted where I let myself go. I said YES to my health journey 3.5 months ago.

I'm a mommy of 5 beautiful kids… When I took this before picture I never thought in a million years that I would have an after pic like this!

These supplements are AMAZING

And this is in 3 1/2 months! My daily regimen: (aka Tools)Slim Hunger Control 1x a day ( morning)Whey lean (meal shakes) when in a hurryMetaburn 2x a day! Morning and after lunchBio cleanse 2 to 4 a day depending (a.m. and after lunch!ProBio5 2-3 capsules at bedtimeBlock 2 capsules when eating high carbs. Or at night before bed!

Being consistent with taking my plexus!

Started working out on my treadmill for 30 min. In the morning to get my day started. (2 months) the first month I didn't workout, and still lost weight!

I'm drinking half my body weight in water oz. daily! Also watching what I eat! (I love to cook)

This combination has been the key to my success 💜 And I could not have done it without PLEXUS!!!

I'm down 22+ pounds and several inches!

Still have a ways to go… it just takes time. I didn't get to my heaviest weight over night, and dont expect to lose it all over night. It takes time!!! Don't give up!! “💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

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