Brooke shares | Weight Loss

“I started Plexus to have more energy. SO many people think Plexus is JUST about weight loss. It is so much more than that. Plexus has given me my life back, has given me so many opportunities to be a better mom and friend. I have made connections that I never dreamed of and strengthened old friendships. You all know I love my products. I have no more bloating, I sleep like a dad ?, I have sustained energy, anxiety is decreased and so much more.

Right before Christmas Plexus introduced a new product called Metaburn. I don't take Plexus for weight loss, I take it for gut health but figured I would give it a try but only if I didn't have to work out, completely change the way I eat, and I didn't have to give up beer. Anyways I have been taking Metaburn for just about two weeks, I have not been taking the full dosage because I usually forget. So, starting today I will take the recommended amount and let you know how that works for me.

Top was December 31st bottom was today January 14th.^” -Brooke J.

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