Misty shares | Weight Loss

So 4 months ago I took the Plexus plunge because I trusted a friend and Heather Nix is my ambassador hero! Today I celebrate 4 months, 38.8 pounds, 30 inches and 8 sizes gone. But I lost so much more than that and gained a healthy gut, a skip in my step, the power to make healthy choices, a love of drinking water. I gained energy for nerf battles and dance offs with my boys and my hubby beams at my progress. Those are just a few of the many reasons Plexus has been my game changer!

When asked what products and/or routine she was using, she responded:

I am using the triplex (slim hunger control, probio and biocleanse) daily and I also drink 1/2 my body weight In ounces of water. And do my best not to eat past 6 at night and maintain portion control but eat with my family and not have severe food restrictions. Plexus is my tool and it has worked with me. I also recently added Metaburn but only 19 days ago. I don’t have a daily workout routine but I do burn more calories now bc I’m so much more active and I also have two little boys that keep me bumping and plexus keeps me going longer with them.

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