Understanding Dysbiosis

Understanding Dysbiosis 🤔🤔🤔 Balancing Your Gut and Mind 🧠
Did you know?
Your microbiome is home to trillions of super cool microorganisms that help your body perform some of its most basic functions—like keeping your immune system in tip-top shape, digesting the gut-health friendly treats you just snacked on, and balancing your mood. 🤣

Did you know?
When your microbiome isn’t up to par, you may experience an imbalance.

Think of your gut like an old western movie. 🏜️ The good guys and bad guys are all vying for control of the town. And, for the most part, they keep each other in check. So, what happens if the bad guys take over?

That’s when gut dysbiosis can occur.

What is dysbiosis?
Dysbiosis is a state of imbalance in your microbiome. 60% of Americans are experiencing dysbiosis right this second—impacting their overall health and happiness. 😳

Are you one of them? How do I know if I have dysbiosis?

Some of the more frequent dysbiosis symptoms include:
👉Bloating, burping, and gas after meals
👉Digestive issues
👉Tiredness and fatigue
👉Mental fog
👉Immune challenges
👉Weight gain
👉Skin and nail concerns
👉Poor mood

And more! Way more…
Did you know? You can balance your gut? Let me help!!!

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