Ashley shares | Healthy Gut

Ashley quit Plexus twice because it wasn’t working fast enough. She’s glad that for the 3rd time she stuck with it.

Quitting is EASY, but it won't get you the results you want. Getting to the root of your health issues takes time and YOU are worth it! Listen to what she has learned about TIME and CONSISTENCY!!!

“77 days ago, I decided for the THIRD time to give Plexus a shot...👉the third time👈 The first two times, I quit after FIVE DAYS. I promised myself I would dedicate 90 consecutive days to the process this time. In 77 days, I’m down 21 pounds🙀, I sleep better than ever 😴. My Coca Cola addiction is non-existent. I am no longer dependent on caffeine after drinking at least five a day for my entire life (Seriously, it’s all I drank). I’ve taken a preventative migraine medication since 2014. I have always had multiple headaches every week. I rarely have headaches, and when I do they’re not as severe. My sugar 🍬 cravings are in ! Since starting the Triplex, I feel better than ever!”

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