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My friend Nicole shares!!!!

This is my Dad, Chris Jacobson. He has battled adult on set diabetes for over 10 years now with blood glucose ranging in the 300’s often. 

I am happy to report, He is in his 5th month of taking The XOS Triplex and Xfactor Plus. Just this past month he added in Lean and Block so he could follow the Plexus meal plan that goes along with our challenges.

This week he has his exam and was told his A1C is 6.2!!! Just 3 months ago it was 7.9. His Dr said that he does not see this happen at the stage he was in and wanted to know immediately what he was doing. He wanted to know all about Plexus ! Dad’s A1C had been between 8 and 9 for years and his health was degenerating quickly. He had since had a pace maker put in due to the damage done to his heart from diabetes. We are working on gut health, immunity and strengthening his heart as his blood glucose is regulating. On top of all of this good report, he was told yesterday by his Dr that he no longer needs two of his meds! He took him off of Lantus and Invokana for 3 months to see how he does!!! In the first two weeks of the Triplex, Lean and Block my Dad lost 12 pounds and his blood sugar was stable at 85 without any insulin!! Just incredible!!!

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