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I know tons of people can relate to food sensitivities! Emily’s story is amazing. 🙌🏼

“At the doctors office again. Earlier that week I had eaten a caramel apple and my mouth broke out in hives, my throat felt scratchy, and a rash lingered around my mouth for a few days. It was a familiar feeling because I have an allergy to nuts so I knew what was going on.. but why now? I had eaten apples my whole life! Then I had the same reaction to peaches.. then pears.. so I made an appointment with the allergy specialist that treated me and my sisters since we were kids.

Oral Allergy Syndrome... That was my diagnosis. For those of you that have never heard of this, it is a cross-reaction that happens when someone is allergic to pollen that is related to the fruit they are eating. For instance, I was allergic to birch tree pollen which is related to apple trees and therefore I reacted to apples too.

Over the years I have attempted to eat some of these fruits again and each time, the reaction was worse. I was so discouraged because not only was I not able to eat some of my favorite fruits, later my doctor recommended that I remove gluten, dairy, soy and eggs from my diet too. I felt like the list of things that my doctors said I couldn’t eat was longer than the list of things I could eat.

I have been on Plexus supplements for 6 months now... and every month I feel like I have more things to write down on my list of the ways it has changed my life.

Yesterday I ate this caramel apple. I took a bite and waited. Nothing.
I took another bite and waited.. still nothing.
I ate the whole thing and enjoyed every bit.. and nothing happened. Then today I ate another one to see if it was a fluke. 😂

I had no reaction whatsoever. 😩🙌🏼 This may not seem like such a big deal, but for someone who has lived with an incredibly restrictive diet for years and years, it feels like heaven when you finally get to eat something on your “never eat list”!

If I had tried this at the 1 month mark on Plexus, or the 2 or 3 month mark.. I probably would have had a different reaction! But I’m 6 months into this thing and my body and immune system is transformed.

This stuff works, and I want to know what it can do for you to!”

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