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Another one bites the dust...but in a good way! This opportunity is SUCH a blessing!


It's Friday at 5pm and it’s official…Plexus has done it again! Plexus has officially retired another Ambassador and given then the gift of time, the gift of freedom and the gift to stay at home with their babies.

I have celebrated this moment for so many of my fellow ambassadors, but today the celebration is for me and my family! I still can’t believe this day is here.

I am officially no longer an Apple Employee. The badge has been turned in. I am officially Mommy first, and Plexus Ambassador second!

This has been a day full of ALL the emotions I can think of. I have never been so sad about something that is so exciting. Something that I have worked for for over two years! I am so sad to leave my Apple family. When I moved to Austin I knew no one but Kris. Kris literally introduced me to people and said “Here, these are your new friends.” It was comical how much it paralyzed me from a social butterfly to not wanting to talk to anyone. I was engaged and it was supposed to be the happiest time in my life, yet I was terribly lonely. But then I joined Apple and life started to make sense again. I made friends that were friends because they knew ME, and not because they knew Kris or Kris’ family. Apple welcomed me with open arms and I was truly blessed to have two of the best managers anyone could ever ask for! (Stephen Spess and Jeff Ahmann you were both a true honor to work for) My co-workers loved and supported me when I married Kris, when we bought homes (all of them), through family struggles and for each pregnancy with our babies. I will forever be grateful for my job at Apple that became so much more than a job. While I know we will stay in touch, there is no way to duplicate being able to see theses beautiful faces 8 hours a day 5 days a week. But trust me…..I WILL be calling you all for lunch…..and maybe to talk Plexus! lol

While the bitter sweet emotions are there I am also filled with so much joy it’s hard to sit still. Plexus was the blessing that God knew my family and I needed even when I thought it was just this simple pink drink to help me stay awake each day after being up all night with Rue. I left Dallas eight years ago to start my life in Austin with Kris, and while I love Austin life, I was constantly searching for a way to get back to seeing my Dallas friends and family. Plexus now gives me the freedom to travel to Dallas whenever I need to. Whether its to help out with family stuff or to just go visit old friends. I can pack up the kiddos and head to Dallas whenever needed. It’s truly a gift!

Working my Plexus business these last two and a half years has been so rewarding. I have had the honor of impacting peoples lives from a health, happiness and financial stand point….all while doing this part time (mostly between the hours of 11pm and 2am this last year). I now have all the time I want to dedicate to this business. I am giddy and grinning ear to ear just thinking about how many people are out there that I can help. How many people will finally feel better or like themselves again. How many won’t have to stress about money for Christmas gifts this year. How many will have a sense of purpose and be able to contribute financially to their family, while still staying home with their babies. I feel like I am right where God wants me to be and I have never been more eager to see what else he has in store.

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