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This one really speaks to me. 💗

Shoshanna Easling shares: 💕👇

It is amazing how much can change in 5 years! I’m still looking for pictures when I was sick. We didn’t take pictures during that time. One year after Plexus I started to live. 5 years later and....

Living life out of bed(before I was not in anyone's live including my family)-

Enjoying my family(Energy to be engaged and love it)-

Going on adventures(memories that I am so grateful for)-

Skin more taught, healthy and strong(not wrinkled, brittle and dry)-

No gray(I had grays strains without gut health)-

Clear brain(This is a big one! I couldn’t even have a conversation with my hubby laying in bed. I didn’t have enough memory or brains to focus.)-

I can exercise(this is also really big. I was in chronic pain. My body was falling apart. I can exercise...and I have great muscle recovery!)

Looking forward to the next five years!!!!🙌

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