Lyndsay shares | Healthy Gut

Lyndsay is a cancer survivor with an incredible story!

"I've had gut issues my whole life. Constipation was a major issue for me as a child that created a lot of anxious feelings, disinterest in eating and quite a bit of discomfort. I learned very young what laxatives were. I also began suffering from chronic [head discomfort] at the age of 12.

Fast forward to my mid-twenties, and I was diagnosed with an acute form of leukemia. I spent the next 18 months undergoing chemo therapy for the cancer, and also went through menopause twice during that time.

When it was all over, I felt so much better than I had during my treatments that I thought I was back to normal. I still had constipation and [head discomfort], but that was nothing "out of the ordinary".

But as the years went by and we adopted our two kids, I wasn't feeling great. Things like brain fogginess and the need to nap every day with the kids I attributed to just being a parent. Things like water retention and numbness and tingling in my feet, joint discomfort and crankiness I attributed to "getting old" (in my early 30s). Odd skin irritations, breakouts, and mood swings I attributed to "something hormonal". I chose to live with all of these issues because I thought they were "normal".

But I also had a demolished immune system. Having small children, plus all of my white cells being annihilated repeatedly by chemo for 1.5 years left my immune system struggling. I was sick 8 out of 12 months for a couple years straight, and it was making me feel very low and anxious. Not to mention cranky with my kids.

I took all this stuff to my doctor and said "LOOK. Something's not right. Help!" I was sent to an endocrinologist, nutritionist, and trainer. For 12 months I was put on a very strict plan of diet, exercise, supplements (including fancy probiotics), blood work. After 12 months, there was ZERO improvement. I felt exactly the same, but super discouraged.

That was when I got "desperate enough" to try Plexus. I didn't know much about gut health or sugar balance, but with a 60 day money back guarantee, what could it hurt? So I determined to try it for 3 months--long enough to see if it was really going to do anything.

After that first 3 months, my brain fogginess was gone, my constipation was gone, my moods were happier and balanced, I had no more water retention, and the numbness and tingling in my feet was gone. I also didn't need naps anymore. After 6 months, my [head discomfort] had decreased by about 80%. My skin was healthy, my joint discomfort was gone, and my hair was growing super fast. By 9 months, the foods I had sensitivities to didn't bother me anymore AT ALL. And in my first year on Plexus, I only got ONE cold. ONE!!

I have literally never in my life felt better. Getting my gut health, sugar balance (even when labs showed I was normal), and inflammation under control made a bigger difference than I could ever have dreamed. I am a better mom for my kids, have more energy and feel happier, and I don't feel "old" in my 30s anymore! It is NOT an overnight change. It's NOT a quick fix. It's a life change. And it's worth it."

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