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Just remember it's a marathon not a sprint …… 🙂

Here's a perfect example of why you can't limit yourself to any time frame. Everyone is different and some need more time than others! Great testimony!

Wendy Larson is now a PLEXUS DIAMOND who ALMOST quit as a customer!!!

She almost gave up during her detox phase because it was pretty intense. Two weeks later she had her breakthrough. Check out these messages she sent to her upline sponsor when she first started Plexus!

Message One:“Hey Kristin, Thank you for the note. I am officially 7 weeks into this and have lost nothing and gained 3 pounds. No inches lost. No energy. In fact, I have brain fog so severely right now I can't imagine what is wrong??? My body hurts. I wake up each morning to a tightness in my chest that I've never had before. Like asthma??? I wish I could see some light at the end of the tunnel…but after being on this for this long, I would think I would be getting better – not worse. My sleep is still interrupted each night-although I can say I feel like I am sleeping deeper

Not to be a Debbie Downer-but I might fall into that percentage where it simply doesn't help. Poooey! My hubby is not diligent about taking his drink every day and I cannot make him. So, I can't even report any good on him. I have 1 month left and will take for 90 days. Maybe I need to go longer??? Will try it. Thanks- Wendy”

WHEN YOU THINK NOTHING IS WORKING…..JUST WAIT- the above was my note when I first started Plexus. I told you all it took me a long time for things to change over. I didn't give up and am SO GLAD I stuck it out!!!!

Message Two:“Results so far, 6 months in:

  • I lost 10-12# and several overall inches
  • now sleeping through the night for 4+months
  • increased energy
  • no more constipation
  • no more rashes
  • no more brain fog
  • no more asthma type feeling in chest
  • no more pain in my heels
  • no more chronic stomach aches
  • lost sugar cravings
  • calmer moods
  • no more hypoglycemia
  • no more daily naps
  • no more dry cracked heels
  • healthy complexion

It was worth every discouragement in the beginning of my health and wellness journey!!!!”

MORAL OF THE STORY: Renewed health takes time, and everyone's body responds at its own rate. Plexus DOES work. And it DOES take time to heal. Stick through it! Be consistent and drink your water and after the first couple months, you could have an amazing testimonial too!!! We didn't gain all of our weight or get unhealthy/sick in 1 day, 15 days, 30 days….we won't get well that fast either ❤️❤️

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