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I had to share what Stephanie Seibel is experiencing, because I KNOW there are many like her.

"So let me start by saying, I sat on the side lines for over two years before I took the plunge. I’m that girl that researches EVERYTHING! You could call me the research clean eating snob! Yet I continued to be drawn to these testimonies, I knew there had to be something if there were really all these people being set free!

I ate clean and was very careful about what I put into my body, yet despite that I still suffered from major digestive issues. I’m talking food baby pretty much every day! I suffered from brain fog and sleepless nights. I had so many food intolerances it made it super difficult to eat out with others and especially at a get together.

I tried countless elimination diets, heck elimination diets were my whole life!! I couldn’t eat ANY grains, nuts or seeds, legumes or beans, soy, and certain veggies. So I struggled with whether or not I could handle the Probio5 because of the brown rice. All the while I kept hearing this whisper in my ear about the good outweighing the bad. I literally couldn’t get that out of my mind for months!

Despite that I continued to weigh my options. Besides I was working on healing my leaky gut. Taking all the supplements necessary for that. HOWEVER none of the probiotics I tried, not even the really expensive soil based ones did anything for me! Nothing!! So at my wits end I decided to give Plexus a shot. But only the Probio5 and BioCleanse (cause everyone needs magnesium right??) I didn’t want the Slim because I didn’t need to loose weight.

Within that first week of starting those two products I slept through the night. My little guy also had been teething that first week as well so I was up every couple hours with him throughout the night and I still woke up with energy! I knew at that point that something was working. Something was changing!

After a couple weeks of just these two products I decided to sign up wholesale and give the Slim a try. I realized that the Slim wasn’t so much about weight loss as it was about feeding the good bacteria.

Since starting back in May, I’ve gained so much of my health back. Something I had been working at for YEARS!! No more brain fog, anxiety is a very rare thing for me these days, I sleep through the night every night! My list of food intolerances isn’t as long as it was! My food baby??? Well that’s pretty much non existent now! It’s very rare for me to suffer from that as well! "— Stephanie Seibel

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