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Carrie shares:
Last week I had the opportunity to share my health testimony via a live video with our Canadian 🇨🇦 team and their friends. Like always I had to make a list so I didn’t get off track talking (imagine that!) and so that I didn’t miss anything.

I used to have an 8.5x11 piece of paper full of prescriptions. Now I filled that same size piece of paper with what I’ve accomplished by cleaning up my gut and balancing my blood sugar along with consistency...NEVER missing a day and being patient.

So here’s that list I shared:

➡️No more seasonal allergies (I used to take an OTC allergy pill and an Rx nasal spray).

➡️No more Diet Coke and Diet Dew cravings. I crave water now!

➡️No more hot flashes from medically induced menopause.

➡️No more bloated stomach and going 💩 only a few times a week and not getting so backed up I would puke!

➡️No more puffy, inflammation face.

➡️No internal inflammation - four surgeries since I rid myself of the inflammation and no need for pain meds. I also didn’t feel like I was hit by a truck after these surgeries.

➡️No more heartburn! I was taking up to two Prilosec a day!

➡️No more anxiety and panic attacks! I was on two Rx’s for this.

➡️No more huge list of prescriptions!!!! I am only on one Rx that is a cancer prevention med.

➡️I stopped wearing full coverage foundation - this pic has no foundation!

➡️This all led to 22 pounds lost since last November, naturally.

Seriously, do you believe in gut health and blood sugar regulation yet????

If you’ve tried this before for 30 days and it didn’t work, you’re right, it won’t work. I’m a few weeks shy of turning 41. I had a lot of years worth to clean up inside. It’s worth it.💞

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