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Pam serving up a truth bomb!!!!

"Before Plexus I took a ton of vitamins and minerals probiotics and anything I heard was natural and good for you! Did I feel my best? No 🤔but I knew I wanted to keep taking them because they were good for you! Right?? All those years I never had great bloodwork results for Thyroid issues while I took all those vitamins ect... I gagged every time I took multivitamins! I burped up the fish omegas! (plexus has plant based omegas not fish)I thought ok this must be because of Thyroid Issues?? Ok I had enough!! That’s when my prayer went something like this... lord I’m doing everything I know to feel better, less tired, emotional, up and down blood work from Thyroid issues, toe fungus, IBS, not sleeping through the night, migraines, seriously my list was long! I asked the lord ✝️🙏to help me feel better! Not long after that my best friend asked me to go to a plexus meeting and I did! I listened to many testimonies and I ordered plexus as an ambassador to get the best cost$$!

Within a month of taking plexus products I was so excited because I started sleeping through the night!!!! I had balanced energy!! Just felt overall goodness!! Had my other vitamins done that for me over the many years NO! Within 6 months the toe fungus was going away!! My issues with IBS better! My emotions 100% turn around!! And migraines that I would get 2/4 a month subsiding and eventually gone!!!🎉🎉I learned about gut health and how important it was to our health and wellness!! I’m thankful my prayers were answered! That I took the leap of faith and ordered plexus!! Oh and by the way I did lose weight and inches!! The turn around in my overall health was just astounding!

I’m plexus for life! Why?? Because I’m living instead of just surviving!! That’s why I have the passion I do when I share from my ❤️ to others/to you about what has changed my life for the better! I know it can change yours to!! I use to think the vitamins I took before Plexus were helping even though I did not really see or feel the results! Now I know Plexus has and is helping because I feel the difference I see the difference in blood work ect... 5 years strong in February taking Plexus consistently!! Thank you Friend for sharing Plexus and not holding back Plexus has changed my life!!! I get to share Plexus with others and watch their lives change to! Total blessing from God !!!"

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