Jennifer shares | Healthy Gut

To say that a picture is worth a thousand words is an understatement when looking at these pictures of Jennifer! 😳

The one on the left is at age 38, the right is age 50. Talk about aging backwards! Jennifer shares her story:

“Friends, posting pictures of me at my worst is difficult for me to do. I was always thin until my dysfunctional marriage took its toll. I hid a lot of sadness behind the smile & spent a lot of time wishing I was invisible. I have to honestly say that if it weren’t for my 3 beautiful children, I probably wouldn’t be here right now posting this. I was broken . I have survived unspeakable things. But through all of this,?I have found a strength I have never known. I have to say that I feel better at 50 than I did at 38. Plexus is helping change me from the inside out. Gut health is not a joke. As a healthcare provider, I fully believe that Plexus has amazing life-changing products. My mind is healing, my body is getting there, even my hair & skin are better.”

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