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Jenny Kent’s story is amazing… ?

“UNEXPLAINED SYMPTOMS. They ruled my life. That's how it all started for me.

The need for a nap was constant. I couldn't get the baby weight off even though Wyn was 3 years old. I spent too much time in the bathroom with too little results (if you get what I mean.) I felt nauseous A LOT. Strict diets worked, but I couldn't stick to them forever. My body felt like it was breaking down.

Doctors ran test after test & found NOTHING wrong They told me…”You're a mom, get used to it.” Or “You're stressed and depressed.” Guess what???? You're dang straight I was stressed & depressed—I FELT TERRIBLE and I was too young to feel this way!!!! That would make anyone stressed & depressed.

Thanks to being too vain to show up to the next swimsuit season in a mumu, I went on the search for weight loss & instead found something that many doctors had missed—-health from the inside out. A different approach. No one had ever spoken to me about the value of magnesium, proper balance of gut microorganisms, stable blood sugar, and vitamins that actually absorb into the body. For years they had missed something so simple, and what I THOUGHT was just a weight loss product was what finally made me FEEL GOOD.

This is MY story, and I now see it repeated over and over with other people. People that I love and respect. People that have searched, taken medication after medication, tried diet after diet and exercise routine after exercise routine. Don't get me wrong-nutrition & exercise are important, some medications are even necessary, but I wish the world would look at health from a different angle. I wish that more doctors would look at root causes rather than symptoms and band aids. I've seen the results of this approach, I've been blown away, and I've felt it for myself!!!!!!”

P.S. Jenny Kent is pregnant with Baby #2 (she’s glowing) and her doctor has approved our products (and loves them) and after doing research over the last three years she says she really wishes she had known about these products 6 years ago & had been able to give Wyn (& herself)the same health benefits during her pregnancy with her!?

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