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From Tired mama to super mama. 💗 can you relate?
"I started plexus because I was tired, overweight, a new Mom and not happy with where things were going.
I didn't have the energy to get my day started the right way, and walking from point a to b was miserable. I needed something different to change was I was seeing happen.

My first few months I started feeling better, I started craving water and suddenly couldn't fall asleep during my midday naps...because I didn't actually NEED them. I started eating better, craving less junk food and more fresh food...within 6 months I had lost 20lbs.

I then joined as an Ambassador, joined a gym and took to the treadmill. Fast forward 2 years... I've been at my weight goal for over a year, with around 55lbs weight loss.

I turned 1 mile on the treadmill to 13 on the street, and ran my first half marathon within 8 months of completing my first mile on the treadmill.
I have a bad back which is incredible because Plexus actually helps with the pain too.
My energy, my mood, my overall well being has done a complete 180°.
I am so grateful for Plexus and what it is doing for me physically. I haven't even touched on the mental improvement or the new career that has unfolded before me.

I am currently training for an 18 mile race in the heat coming up soon, I just ran 13 miles yesterday for training - in the 90° degree 80% humidity that sweet Houston has to offer.
I am beside myself that my body is capable of doing these things, because just 2 years ago I was a new Mom, tired, overweight, severely depressed, and I felt uncomplete and overwhelmed.

I thank God every chance I get for this blessing called Plexus."

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