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Sometimes what you think you knew isn't always right. #whatif

Re-share: Nina Baez watched skeptically for months, here's what she says today:

"8 months ago I thought plexus was a scam. I didn't want to believe it was as good as I heard, and I didn't want to believe that sports supplements were as bad for me as I heard. So I researched, and researched, and researched and finally came to the conclusion that I would buy it and return it within 60 days when it surely did not "work." What actually changed my life. I used to think supplements only took you so far. I thought my 6x per week workouts and my healthy diet were enough. But why was I still bloated? Why was I always constipated? Why was my skin a mess and my hair brittle and thin? Why did I need 6 cups of coffee to get through the day? Why was I a certified trainer and nutritionist and STILL not feeling as healthy as I wanted? 🤔

3 products changed all of this for me. 3 clinically studied products. I could no longer deny that maybe the right supplements ARE important. Maybe all this research on gut health (google it) is true.

Then came the scariest part of all... I was about to be associated with an "MLM." MLM's are bad right? Hundreds of people I don't even know on social media are going to question my credibility and my beliefs because after all, why would I sell something I actually believed in. I must only want the money, right? Your hair dresser must only want the money when they do your hair. Your doctor must only want the money when they take care of you. The thousands of people who are paid for their professional services must only be in it for the money, right?

So I firmly told my sponsor I did not want to work the Plexus business. I didn't want people to "judge." So I told a few long time client's about my success with the products. Then I watched them have success with the products like we had never seen before. Then they told friends. Then I saw more changes in my client's physical health and my own, and suddenly I had a full blown Plexus business and decided I didn't care what other people think because I AM changing lives which is what I always set out to do.

Tonight it's 8 months later to the DAY I joined plexus, and I got an email from Plexus Worldwide saying I won a trip to leaders retreat in Orlando. This has never been about me. I get to work with my best friends, I've seen financial freedom I've never dreamed of, and most importantly I am the healthiest I've ever been and I've seen so many of my clients become the healthiest we have ever seen. All because I tried a pink drink."