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One of the best testimonies EVER!!

The MelodyScott Hoppius shares…….

“It breaks a momma heart to see her baby cry no matter how old she is.”

“When taken consistently these products change lives, Invest in your health! ?

My Why…..My girl………….

From the moment I had the ultrasound that told us we were having a girl, I fell deeply in love with her. I honestly never imagined I would have a little girl. Our family had mostly boys, so having a girl was a shock. I never had a sister so I couldn’t wait to have a daughter and my future best friend.

She was the best baby and cutest little girl I had ever seen. I LOVED dressing her up and showing her off. As she started to grow old enough to participate in things like soccer, basketball, dance, etc I knew this girl could do anything and everything she ever wanted. She was just that smart and that talented! That wasn’t just what I thought, but what other coaches, teachers, and parents always told me.

Fast forward to the middle of this beautiful, smart, and talented girls 8th grade year when she told me she was depressed. Imagine what a punch in your gut feels like. I didn’t know what to do so I called on some of our closest friends, people that loved her dearly to help us through this. We started seeing doctors, therapists, changed schools, then spent time in the hospital. The whole time trying to keep this as quiet as we could. I slept with her for months because I was that worried. You may have no idea what’s it’s like to watch someone go through this but it’s awful. My once outgoing, full of life, beautiful daughter didn’t feel good enough, pretty enough, smart enough, or strong enough to take on this world.

Last year we went through hell together! She hated me and although I didn’t like her most days, I didn’t give up. I realize this is normal for most teenagers and their parents, but I was not going to let “the world” suck her in and destroy my little girl. I am her momma and I will fight with everything I have to protect her. Fighting for her was also physically and mentally exhausting. It left me depressed and anxious. I removed myself from Facebook and basically society all together. I used clicklist to get groceries to avoid people. I lived on my couch most days and hardly slept. I felt guilty, ashamed, embarrassed, and constantly prayed asking God why. What could I have done different? How could I have failed as a parent after trying so hard?

She had been taking Prozac for 2 years up until August with no relief. She then decided to stop all together because it wasn’t helping. She was still having days when she didn’t want to get out of bed and would cry at the smallest things. It breaks a mommas heart to see their baby cry no matter how old they are.

I started using Plexus products in June simply because I needed something to help me get the energy I needed to get my health back and they promoted that it helped with mood. I was mostly interested in improving my mood since I had been taking Ativan as much as 3 times each day. I started reading testimony after testimony and watching YouTube’s about Plexus. I thought if this can help me then it can help her.????????????????

When I say I have prayed and prayed and prayed for something to help her, that is not an exaggeration by no stretch of the imagination! In less than a week of taking Plexus products, THIS GIRL, who spent most of her days watching Netflix and scrolling on her phone, CHANGED!!! I witnessed it with my own eyes! For 2 years, I had to make sure she took “her happy pills” even though she didn’t want to. NOW she was taking these supplements ON HER OWN without any reminders because they MADE HER HAPPY!!! She has LIFE back in her!! She took her ACT and just applied to college. She can’t wait to turn 18 in a couple months so she can start her own Plexus business and share what these products have done for her. She now has AMBITION to LIVE the life she deserves thanks to THIS COMPANY!

Believe me, I’ve been judged, told I was crazy/nuts/idiot, had eyes rolled at me, been ignored, unfriended, blocked, hidden, and who knows what else at this point. I would have NEVER shared this story because I would have been worried about what people would say, but I’m better than that and I’m not going to be ashamed anymore especially when something I post or share might change or then SAVE someone’s life like it has for me and my girl. Thanks for reading. Thanks to everyone who has stuck by me through our trials. Thanks to all those who listened. Thanks to everyone who sent up a prayer. 

Thank you Lauren Collinsworth for continually posting about Plexus even 2 years ago when it annoyed me! I owe Nancy Having Leedy a huge apology for not taking the time to listen when she first tried to talk to me about it. I was too stubborn then and thought it was just another scam.

Plexus is the real deal!

So WHY do I share Plexus?Because of HER!”

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