Mallory shares | Happy Min

Darlings. If you or one of your peeps are struggling with anxiety, you HAVE to read Mallory’s story 😭🙌🏼 ...

”Crippled. Terrified. Miserable.

That’s how I felt after one year of battling severe anxiety. I was exhausted, defeated and bruised.

Then year two passed, year three, year four...
I somehow learned to survive. But surviving was pretty much all I was doing. My muscles had grown so tight from tensing up and living in stress that my ribs were literally moving out of place. My clenched jaw during the day and the horrible grinding of my teeth at night led to a horribly painful ache and jaw problems. My stomach was in knots 24/7, granting me multiple trips to the doctor and eventually the realization that I had developed an inflamed sore in my stomach from all of the stress. I got on a medication so sneaky and so addictive that I found myself overusing and abusing just to make it through each day.

It was hell. My own personal hell that I did not think I would ever escape. I had to do my best at pretending things were okay for the people who loved me, because I couldn’t deal with the disappointment or worry I might create if they knew I was drowning. I felt abandoned by the Lord, alone and like a total failure. How could a twenty something wife whose life was GOOD feel this way? I was broken.
God allowed that season in my life. He allowed the pain and the desperation and the hurts, but He never once left me. He saw me the same way my parents saw me and loved me the first time they laid eyes on me - naked, afraid and beautiful beyond belief. He ached when I ached. He loosed His angels to guard and protect me and my family. He fought dark, dark battles on my behalf.
This morning I am celebrating. I’m celebrating the healing that has taken place in my life over the last year. I’m celebrating getting off of medications I believed I’d take with me to my grave. I’m celebrating ten pounds lost after 100 lbs gained because of emotional eating + nasty side effects from the 10+ drugs I’ve had to try over the last few years.

I’m celebrating the energy I have to be present with my family and actually ENJOY it because I am no longer anxious and exhausted every second of every day. I’m celebrating no more stomach pain after so. much. discomfort.” ❤️🙏🏻

Thank you PLEXUS!! Game changer for my quality of life!
This is why I put myself out there.
This is not about me. It's about helping those who are desperate, broken, exhausted, struggling, or simply just ready to make a change.