Lori shares | Healthy Gut

I love love love Lori Markel's testimony...❤️

"Pharmacists are stubborn, myself included! We don't wanna change how we think about things. If some product doesn't have a slew of clinical studies or isn't considered "pharmaceutical grade" we don't wanna try it. And buying from a MLM company? NO WAY!
So...what could I say? I started thinking...what would I want my friends to know had changed for me with Plexus, honestly, without me attaching some funny meme to it?

Here it is....
- I have a good amount of energy now. I'm not falling asleep after lunch. I have better mental focus in the afternoons. THAT'S because of Plexus.
- I am totally regular now. You guys know what I mean. I'm not gonna take description any further. I didn't have that with my pharmaceutical grade probiotics. THAT'S because of Plexus.
- There is a huge decrease in cravings for me. I'm always going to love going out to eat. I'm not sure if that will ever change. But I'm not eating donuts for breakfast anymore. In fact, the amount of money I spent in donuts pays for my Plexus and I have a little left over. THAT'S because of Plexus.
- I know I'm absorbing my vitamins. Did you know B vitamins turn your urine bright yellow-green if you're not absorbing them. This didn't happen with XFactor and it did with my pharmaceutical grade B vitamins. THAT'S because of Plexus.

And guess what, the triplex, does have a clinical study that shows amazing results. And, Plexus tests their products before they are released! What more could you ask for?
This is why I joined this company. Pharmacist friends, you may not think the Slim is the way to go for you, and that's ok, but you cannot deny that having a good probiotic and multivitamin is essential."

So, try mine out for 60 days and I promise you will notice a difference!"