Lisa shares | Happy Mind

What a day!! Nothing really went the way we had planned !! Our day got started on a rocky start when we had to do some repairing on a septic line. What we though was going to be a 10 minute job turned into an all day thing.

I had wanted to work with the horses, I had made a promise to a friend, that I would get a work out in and give a review on the new leggings i got. I was unable to do so because at the same time I went to work out, it was at the same time I was needed at the truck. I got to climb into the hole and get my hands dirty with the job lol!

It was a long day, but I did get to have some time out with the horses. I had enough time to exercise 3 of them! Muffin was awesome! We are doing some ground work and exercising on the lunge line. She really made awesome progress!! I'm working on free lunging with tonto and Zoey!!! They have been doing amazing too!

With all the events of the day, it makes me reflect back to last year before I started plexus. If this would have happened I would have been so mad for no reason. I would have been cranky about no nap, I couldn't live with out those it seemed! You have to remember this was the girl that was only getting a couple hours of sleep at night. I could be exhausted by the time I would go to bed, and still be up all night.

I would have been irritable that our plans had gotten changed. I hated last minute changes. Just like anyone who has experienced anxiety, when there is a last minute change we tend to go into over drive, Trying to figure out how to get it all done.

If I would have been able to keep myself up and not sleep, I would have been so irritable, that when I was with the horses, that it wouldn't be fair to them. I feel that this was alot of my problem with my riding. I couldn't control everything around me and I was so beyond tense, and was passing those feelings on to the horses. 😢

The old me would lay awake at night crying, not even know why, there would be no reason, just that I could not stop. The tears would just flow down my face until I would cry myself to sleep.

I tried thinking positive. Everyday I would try and think positive but the messages weren't always clear. I had absolutely no idea that gut health was as important as it is. I signed up with this company plexus to try something. I was desperate to try anything that could remotely help me.

Gary Hergott was skeptical, which is 100% understandable. I'll be honest I was too. I didn't know what to expect, I did not believe at the time, that a plant based supplement could help me better than anything else!

I started on the slim drink for 3 days and immediately noticed my sugar cravings practically gone. Day 4 I introduced vitalbiome, a probiotic that has been proven to help with anxiety and depression. Then also started the biocleanse, the amazing cleanse that brings fluidity to your intestines and is specially formulated to contain magnesium. Depression and deficiency In magnesium has recently been linked!

A few days on this combo it was like a cloud was lifted. I felt light, smiling became easier, I felt taller as silly as that sounds. This was a huge improvement of the girl that was always sad, no matter what.

I am so happy to say that today did not cause any anxiety as to not getting everything I wanted done. There was nothing that I could have done that would have changed the outcome of today. Read that again. It's hard to believe that I'm saying that!

I will be honest, up until 6 months in I had some days I would sort of doubt the products. Not really stop believing in them and that they weren't working. Just that I wasn't having the big moments of omg I'm feeling better and that is 100% normal. It takes time to clean up the bacteria and inflammation in our bodies.

If I ever got frustrated and impatient with myself, I would remind myself of the girl I was before, where I was at that time. Whenever I would think of her it would remind me to give myself patience and remember plexus is a tool! It's not a cure all! It's like maintaining a vehicle, you don't skip oil changes and expect your engine to never break down. Your guts are your engine that keeps you going, keep it oiled!

I started noticing my sleep was improving after the 6 month mark, that was a really great feeling. Waking up in the morning feeling refreshed because you weren't tossing and turning all night.

This better feeling starts to become the norm, so you may feel like it's not working but guess what! It is 🙆‍♀️ your feeling good is what we want! Yes somedays you may have an upset tummy, I know I do but that's because I ate something that did not agree with me. We did not have colds or flu's that knocked us on our butts because our immune systems are stronger! Even colton did not catch a cold like most times a kid at school would, because he is getting a stronger immune system!

Plexus has made me a better mom, wife, friend, daughter and person. Most importantly I'm better to my horses!! I don't think I will ever stop plexus now! I love it so much and I love sharing it with friends and family and helping them get feeling their best too!!

If you have been sitting on the fence, this is the time to jump in with both feet! We have a 60 day money back guarantee! And who knows you may get more results than you bargained for!