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Why do I talk about supplements so much when I'm eating vegetables for days, whole foods, mostly dairy free, gluten free, low sugar...? Why don't I just promote healthy eating? With my certification as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach - why don't I coach about FOOD since it's such a big factor in health?

Here's why:

1) most of us know we'd benefit by eating more vegetables, less processed foods, etc, our grocery stores have tons of healthy options and free recipes are just a click away on Google and Pinterest. But our body craves what is unhealthy for us so all that knowing and education only makes us feel more powerless if we're struggling with the cravings. I hear it alot - when folks use my supplements they crave water and healthier foods! I notice this in myself, too! When my gut bacteria is healthier I crave totally different things and eating healthy is sooooooo much easier! Effortless even!

2) Clean eating isn't always enough. You wouldn't believe the number of people eating clean, organic, whole food who are still struggling with energy, hormone imbalances, mood troubles, skin issues, etc. I definitely support healthy eating and it's part of addressing the root cause! (Hopefully you get that I feel this way from all my food pics). But my supplements do something special that sometimes diet alone can't do, especially for those of us with a history of antibiotic use (which kills the gut bacteria responsible for tons of health functions in the body), certain types of birth control, eating conventional meat and cheese which contain high levels of antibiotics, and living on this planet with all it's toxins and environmental factors, etc. What my supplements do is target the 3 root issues behind pretty much any health complaint complaint: 1) blood sugar instability, 2) yeast overgrowth in the gut, 3) inflammation in the gut and rest of the body. Diet supports these, my supplements speed up the process BIG time!

And then there's my story 🤷 of these supplements giving me my life back when diet wasn't enough. I'm so grateful!!!

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