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As I energetically zipped in and out of Walmart just now, I couldn't help but feel grateful for that energy. (And I haven't even had my Active/energy drink yet today). I have Hashimotos Thyroiditis. For years I struggled with debilitating fatigue, depression, and inability to lose weight - "normal" symptoms of autoimmune low thyroid.

Those things don't define my life anymore. In fact, I'm actively REVERSING my diagnosis, my label, with sustainable diet habits & quality supplements - addressing the root cause.

Labels, for the most part, aren't a life sentence. They're symptoms of an inside imbalance that can be re-balanced. So many of these symptoms are the results of stress, trauma, antibiotic usage, sugar & gluten intake, etc and can be reversed with simple, simple tools that aren't even a drudgery to implement, given the right support.

It urks me that so many of the people I just saw in Walmart looking stressed, tired, sluggish, unhealthfully overweight, most likely on numerous prescriptions don't know that there's another way. They've been told this is the way it'll always be.


I'm not buying it. I see the exact opposite too often. There's hope. #foodismedicine

And while we're on the subject of SUSTAINABLE diet habits - here's me making an exception to how I usually eat - cuz it's not about perfection and I didn't care much for the grain-free cookies I made the other night and I'm surrounded by gifted cookies these days and I want some too. 💁😍 (How's that for a run-in sentence 👈)

Merry Christmas! 🎄

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