Kyla shares | Financial Freedom

This last week's school assignment was around getting clearer on our branding, marketing, & services and it's got me like...🤔

...🤔Who do I want to specialize in serving?!

Parents who want to be more present & patient with their children?

Depression & anxiety sufferers?

Entrepreneurs desiring to shift from the hustle & grind model to the align & flow model?

Survivors of religious trauma/spiritual abuse?

Whew...all the above?!

Who could you see me serving based on my sharings up until now? 💕👇

Here's what I do know. Being trauma-informed changes everything. I'm cringing as I listen to a recording of something I taught a year ago. It was life-changing information, but it wasn't trauma-informed. We talked about trauma, we discussed the role of trauma, we delved into trauma, but it wasn't trauma-informed. It didn't create a safe enough environment for optimal growth for trauma-survivors (the majority of people).

Whatever I do I can tell you this...and you already know it 😀: it'll address the root cause. Cuz that's what creates sustainable results. Cuz that's what works. And that's how I roll. 💁