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I get alot of these "you've received a payment" messages in my email...

...from a business I work part-time, has like no overhead, and is sooooo flexible (AKA I don't have to shush my kids, get a babysitter, or put my kids in front of the TV in order to "get something done" in my business).

5 years ago we'd recently moved to this area, we were starting over, and hubby's now-flourishing but then-brand-new business was still finding it's feet.

I was struggling with my health - I was depressed, anxious, tired, moody, feeling like a slave to my sugar cravings, and couldn't think straight. Mom-zombie. And I was STRESSED about our financial situation. Really stressed. 😭

Less than 1 week into using the Triplex my sugar cravings had lifted, my snackiness had disappeared, I had ENERGY, my brain fog was clearing, and my depression was GONE y'all! 😭😭😭😭😭 GONE. 😭😭😭😭👌😭 (Everyone's body has it's own healing time table, this is my personal experience).

I started to tell y'all on Facebook what was happening for me. And sharing other people's real stories too. And y'all started messaging ME. And buying these products. Plexus ships them to you and pays me so I don't have to carry any inventory whatsoever and we aren't a party-plan company so I don't have to pressure anyone to host parties for me. 👌 It's so perfect. And some of y'all have decided to tell your story and help your friends and I get automatically paid on that too.

I don't pressure y'all.

I don't cold message.

I don't get all "business-y" about it.

I get to just show up on social media and tell y'all how grateful I am, how important gut health is, etc without being that icky, salesy, pushy network-marketer, and these "you've received a payment" emails keep coming in.

Maybe you wish there was a way your could make $ from home but you don't want to be one of "those people"- those people who push their friends away and fill your news feed with salesy graphics.

You can.

And I'd love to buddy up and do it together.

Team Ambassadors of Hope is making a difference, changing lives by helping people address the ROOT cause behind their health complaints, and getting paid to do what we enjoy. Mondays aren't a problem here. And we keep it really simple (cuz that's all I can do 😂).

Ending tonight at midnight ET you can join for half off, get a free sample surprise in your welcome pack, AND, if you choose a welcome pack of products that contains Lean, you get a free BlenderJet ($80 value) too. 😘

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