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Kyla's friend shares:

A few years ago, I was so discouraged that I had so many ideals of how I wanted to parent my children, and yet had NO energy to do them. I felt more like a sideline referree than an active, engaged mama. I dragged through my days in a brainfog, and felt more like a mombie than a mom. And the guilt. Oh goodness, the mom guilt! It is such a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach when you want to be more present for your kiddos and just can't!!

I started to pursue my gut health because I was desperate for energy. Like cramming BAG fulls of candy in my mouth while hiding from my kids in my closet, and chasing it down with a pot of coffee, kinda desperate!

I had NO idea just how much was about to change!! It has been a series of small, consistent changes, but YOU GUYS!!!! I can't believe the different person that I am today!!

Our gut health truly lies at the center of everything! If you are wrestling with your health in any way, google gut health and what you are struggling with. Like me, you will very likely be shocked!

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