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Kodie shares a beautiful story of HOPE ♥:

”Have you ever wish that you could give your LEO a break from the demands of the job...for family time, much needed rest, and healing? Just a small trip away, a REAL break, early retirement?

Chris Helmer and I recently came home from a week long trip out west 🤠. What a blessing it was to have this time to be with each other, spending quality time that we often have to sacrifice for such a rewarding yet challenging lifestyle as a law enforcement family 💙🚔

I'll share our story of how I gave my LEO husband a year long break from Law Enforcement with my home based business below.....

My husband Chris Helmer *pictured below* and I fell madly in love QUICKLY. I can still remember during one of our up all night chat-a-thons, where we'd chat about life and the future or our favorite movies, etc. he asked me, "Are you sure you can live the law enforcement lifestyle with me forever?".....let me set the vision here, we were 21 years old, he wad smokin hot 🔥, I was in love, and he was playing with my hair....he could have asked me if I was sure I could jump off a cliff and I'd have said, "Yep!" 😂 Of course I was SURE only I had noooooo idea what I was about to sign up for. He had JUST got hired on by his first department just before we met, 3 weeks later was whisked off to the Police Academy. He asked me to marry him on one of his weekend visits home. He graduated in June and by December we were husband and wife  It was ROUGH at first, we were young, we fought a lot, I didn't "get it" the lifestyle I mean....I always felt #2 to the department, I hated being alone during the holiday's and representing our family at events or school functions alone. Hold up wait a minute 😳 so THIS must have been what he was referring to when he asked if I was sure that I could live the lifestyle 😬, you see he grew up in it with a LEO father and I, well I came from a family who had the LEO's at their house a lot and not for dinner if you know what I'm sayin' 😂 Over the next 12 years of his career we lived, made a ton of mistakes, learned, loved, grew up, grew our family, fell apart, fell together, you know....we did LIFE.

Chris landed a GREAT position at a high paying department in a rough area of Indianapolis. He was doing what he loved to do, making a difference but.....things started changing. 2015 was a big year for us. Chris was involved in a police action shooting that year, he was okay physically, praise GOD 🙌 I also, had just started an at home business. Chris had a few more close calls, and as crime increased and as tension against the police was increasing and I was becoming more lonely than ever. That guy that I married seemed to be fading away, the one that would stay up late and chat with me about STUFF, laugh with me, play with the kids, hold my hand for no reason....he was short tempered, impatient, exhausted, and not himself. Chris had been through a lot, an on duty car accident, many brawls, being drug down the road by a fleeing vehicle, he had seen things that I can't even watch on tv, and it was changing him but at the same time, I am certain he was losing the woman he had married too. I was bitter, exhausted, alone, and afraid. Neither of us were okay and the whole family was suffering......

.....in 2017 we made a BIG decision. My at home business had MORE than surpassed his salary at one of the highest paying departments in the state of Indiana and we decided to take a personal TIMEOUT 🙌 Every felt that way? Like you wa ted to hit the PAUSE button om life? After 12 years of service, Chris resigned from the police department. Many didn't understand, few gave us a hard time, but MOST of our family and friends who love us and prayed for and with us, supported us  What mattered was US and we needed to take this time....so we did. For an entire YEAR, I worked my Plexus business as we worked on ourselves individually, worked on our relationships with each other, and with the kids, we grew closer to GOD, we traveled, and rested. It was the BEST thing we ever did for ourselves and our family 🙌

One year later, 2018. Chris was ready to come out of his retirement....truth be told, I was ready too. We were both rested and more focused than ever on what we wanted our future to look like. We had a vision and we were going for it! Getting back in to law enforcement wasn't easy BUT God had a plan. HE was laying moves on our hearts and for the first time ever we listened closely 🙌 Chris is now on a wonderful department, the one he will finish out his career on. Our Plexus business is thriving and taking us places we never would have imagined in the beginning. Life is SO good.

We have a LARGE team of thousands, many of which are first responders and we aren't stopping until everyone we know has the opportunity to do what we did. A chance to hit PAUSE if they want or change courses if they want. Time freedom, financial freedom, CHOICES, health, help, and hope....that's what we are giving people and we couldn't imagine doing anything else.