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Wow check out Karen's story! I love reading these...❤️👇👇👇

"Four years ago (at age 52) I was exhausted, dragged through my days, wanted to fall asleep at my desk after lunch, had no energy to exercise, went home from work and devoured ALL THE CARBS AND SUGAR, and had to take a nap before I could cook dinner—but I couldn’t sleep at night. I had hot flashes so intense they left my clothes wet, and I was more than a little emotional. And let’s not talk about trying to lose weight after 50. I remember wondering if that was the way I’d feel for the rest of my life and being so depressed about it.

When I started taking TriPlex, I hoped I would lose a few pounds, but I got so much more! More energy, better sleep, no desk-napping, and no more sugar cravings! I started taking my dog for a long walk every day after work—Pete was happy! When my clothes started to fit better in the first month, I was convinced! But for me it wasn’t about weight loss, it was about how I FELT—it was like coming out of a long fog.

A few months later, I realized the discomfort I’d had in my elbows for years was gone, and I wasn’t getting sick when everyone else in the office was—no colds, no stomach bugs, no flu. I’ve only been sick once in four years.

I added MegaX at bedtime last winter, and now I sleep like a dad. In June I added XFactor Plus and bye-bye hot flashes!

I feel amazing now. In our 50s, my husband and I bought a farm and started raising cows. You know how much work that is? We’re loving it!"

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