Karen shares | Healthy Gut

All I got is WOW! Until you hear someone's story, you really can't understand what their success really means to them and those around them.

I love this! 

Karen shares:

"Ten years ago come November the life I knew was changed forever when my husband at the age of 49 suffered a massive stroke in the center of his brain. I essentially became a single mom of very active twins in high school along with a 24/7 caregiver for him. It honestly feels like it could have happened more recently than that. I lost a lot of years, time and events with my family that I can never get back.

Life was now filled with stress from every angle and depression. I gained weight, suffered severe headaches daily, was exhausted and became disconnected with life.

Needing time outside the house I dragged my daughter to an event at a local restaurant that a friend had invited me to. I'd heard that this health and wellness product line helped with weight loss and thought if I could do that I'd feel better. Well my daughter jumped right in that night, she was looking for energy due to her thyroid problems. I didn't see how this little "pink drink" was going to help me. I started seeing changes in her and she told me I HAD to start taking the supplements.

Running a house, raising kids and caring for my husband on his disability was just one of the daily challenges in this new life but I started looking at what I could change so that I could afford to purchase them.

Well, I gave up my daily :

* Rt 66 Cherrylimeades
* DD Iced Carmel Coffee and Donut
* Venti White Chocolate Mocha and Pastries

It wasn't easy but once my blood sugar started to balance it became easier. And I thought "maybe there is something to this".
I wasn't one of those people that saw weight loss quickly. But one day I realized I didn't have a headache! I started trying to think when that happened. I had a headache EVERY day for 9 years!!! I would take Tylenol, Advil AND Excedrin Migraine EVERY day! All it did was dull it and tear up my stomach. But on that day I was free !! I decided right then and there that if this was the only thing that changed for me with these products, I would be happy. You'll no longer find any of those pain relievers in my house.

Then I started my husband on them. Depression, headaches and weight gain became a part of his life as well. Again, the first thing I noticed was he wasn't having headaches.

I've since added other supplements from the line to our daily routines.

Who knew balancing our blood sugar, and healing our guts would start us on a new journey where we are rejoining the living and help us find some form of joy and laughter in our days again.

Our quest for health is far from over. After all we didn't do all this damage to our bodies in a day and know it's going to take time,but we're committed!!