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I just read this story and it touched my heart so much! ❤ ? 

Kara shares:

Nights are the worse for me. Especially winter ❄️ nights when it gets dark around 5. It’s when fear creeps in. I start to feel anxious.. I start thinking about scenarios that in the day time would seem silly to me. Anxiety.. ugh I hate it and didn’t develop it until I had children and honestly didn’t realize what it was until Jax came along. Those first 6 weeks after having a baby ?and hormones going cray cray really makes me feel uneasy.

But this time with Jax it wasn’t as bad as it was before. It wasn’t as severe as it was with Grace and Lexi. What was different? Because he’s a boy? Because he was a summer baby? ☀️ ? It diminished quickly and man was I thankful!!

I’ve been taking this product called Vitalbiome since June, maybe that’s what was different? I didn’t know and honestly didn’t put it together.. until I ran out.

I ran out of vitalbiome mid December and never ordered more. Holidays are crazy and expensive and I didn’t want to add one more thing to my shopping list so I’m thinking I’ll be fine without it. No big deal. Was it even really helping?

A week or so ago, I tell Preston it’s back. I feel anxious. As soon as it gets dark once again fear takes over. It’s so hard to control. Then it clicked, I knew I had to order more Vitalbiome! So I did. It arrived Saturday and I can already tell a huge difference. The past 2 nights I’ve felt at peace. No more anxiety! I promise you I won’t go without this product again!

I understand how much anxiety sucks and can kind of take over… so if you’re out there and dealing with it. I just may have something that can help. ?

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