Iris shares | Healthy Gut

I love your story Iris Williams! Thanks for sharing! 

"Let me jump right in here and take you back to 2012. Really rough year for me. I ended up spending 3 days in the hospital, I was diagnosed with some major gut issues. I was on 2 different medications, administered two different ways, seriously, not fun! I was taking a pricey probiotic and pricey prenatal at the time, and a couple month later I had it all planned out how I would wean myself off of the meds. I was on.

Then, I got pregnant! My doctor advised me to stay on the medication for the safety of the baby because if I had a flare-up and he had to do surgery he could not save me and the baby. So, I stayed on the meds, things went well and baby number 3 was born safe and healthy. I decided to start the weaning off process again and was hit hard with a bad case of the “Baby Blues”. I literally spent an entire, beautiful Alaskan summer sitting on the porch swing watching my kids play and scrolling Facebook.

While scrolling Facebook I kept seeing a good friend of mine, Jen, post about this Plexus stuff. I ignored her for 2 months, literally rolling my eyes every time she posted. Until she posted about a mom of 3 that had found energy, renewed focus, and motivation. I wanted that! So, I contacted Jen and said: “Okay, tell me about this Plexus stuff.” She shared her story with me and I was blown away. I thought “If this stuff can help her and her family, it can help me!” I decided to order and 3 weeks after being on the product, I’ll never forget the day. I was holding a big basket of laundry, I turned the corner to see my husband and I said “I feel like cleaning the house, I feel like doing laundry, I feel like myself again! This stuff is amazing!”

Now this next part, I’m embarrassed to even say. I spent the next year and a half yo-yo-ing on these products. I would take it, and forget, make Thomas take them, we would both forget! Until finally in January of 2016, we made the commitment to our health and the commitment to be consistent!

Friends, we have never looked back! Today, I feel great! I have energy, focus, and motivation! I had baby number 4 with no meds and I am on baby number 5 and I don’t need meds! I do not fear any gut flare-ups! Thomas feels great, too! I love what he says all the time, he says “I have more good days than bad!” I love that!

But perhaps my favorite part of this whole story is Thomas is medically retired from the military, he’s been going to school and he graduates this month (August 2017) with his BA in Finance. People keep asking him “What are you going to do? What’s your plan?” I love how he responds. He says, “Oh, my wife and I are going to be working together in our home-based health and wellness business. We work with Plexus World Wide as Independent Ambassadors.”

My amazing husband is 100% sold on these products and this company! To say Plexus has been a life changer for us is an understatement! We are so blessed and so thankful for this company!"