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Brooke’s story…. I have a feeling many of my mom friends can relate all too well to her “before”.

Anxiety is a beast…

It haunted me for years. It’s not something I’m proud of or totally comfortable talking about. I handled my anxiety by quieting the noise in my head with exercise, food, and escape. It got worse and worse with each child. By the time I had Jacob if I wasn’t apathetic and numb, I was regularly yelling at my kids and losing my patience. I was full on in survival mode. I remember my heart racing at bedtime, the inability to shut my mind off and sleep, and having unreasonable dreams about terrible things happening to my kids. And the stress…anything stressful, from a glass of spilled milk to a sink full of dirty dishes to a crying baby, would just ruin my day and set me off. It wasn’t how I had pictured my life with kids. I felt like a horrible, awful, ungrateful, mean mom. I felt like my kids deserved something better than that. 😭Maybe if I was more grateful, prayed more, slept more, exercised more….then maybe I’d feel less of that. Nope. That didn’t work.

Did you know that there are literally specific bacteria that help to make you feel calm, happy, and less stressed and nervous? There are clinically proven strains of probiotics that have peer reviewed studies showing improvements in these things. The connection between the gut and brain is REAL. If your gut isn’t happy, you are not happy. 😞 This morning after I taught my class and got ready for the day I was feeling extremely grateful to be functioning from a happier place than I had before. My life is not perfect and my days are not all sunshine ☀️rainbows 🌈 and love 💗 all day long. That’s not real, folks. But when you can go from snapping and losing your mind with your kids daily to taking everything in stride, and truly, genuinely loving and relishing in this baby without feeling crippling anxiety, it’s not just a miracle. It’s science, too.

I dropped off the bandwagon with my clinically proven probiotic for a few months after having Grace and I recently started it back up and I can honestly say the difference is palpable. Maybe you have struggled with anxiety. Maybe not. But I’ll bet you know somebody who has. I hope you’ll share my story with them because I will be and always have been most interested in helping to create happier, healthier mamas and families.

There is nothing wrong with you. You’re not ungrateful or mean or a terrible person. You are just out of balance and your body is lacking in some area. Restoring balance is what I help people do every day. I sure am grateful to have found mine again because I feel so much peace and joy with this little one and with my whole half dozen kids.💕

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