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Here is Bethany's story:

"Hi all! My name is Bethany, and I'm a mama of 7. I'm also a midwife, homesteader, and homeschooler. Busy life!

This past year, after the birth of baby #7, the lifestyle finally caught up with me. I found myself quickly spiraling into this place of exhaustion, anxiousness and sadness. I felt like a cortisol factory. I couldn't go to sleep at nights and couldn't wake up in the morning. I was becoming dependent on caffeine and afternoon chocolate to get me through my day. I didn't want to grocery shop, so our meals were becoming less healthy. I had no energy to excercise. So of course I wasn't losing baby weight!

Eventually, I was also finding that I was less and less motivated to do all the things I had formerly LOVED. I sold my goats, I didn't plan a Fall garden, I started handing off midwifery clients to other midwives, I stopped hosting gatherings in my home, I kept buying chocolate... And yep, felt worse. Sad!! It was a VICIOUS cycle! I knew I had to do SOMETHING!

I read a book on extreme exhaustion and read alot of articles on gut yeast overgrowth, as well as gut health/mood connection, and how low blood sugar affects energy and mood. Meanwhile I was hearing about how Plexus was helping some of my friends out of similar funks. I began researching Plexus and learned that the tri-plex combo positively affected both blood sugar AND gut health. I jumped in just hoping it would help... AND IT DID!

Within a week I had a natural sustained energy, and was sleeping better at nights. It wasn't long before I realized I was no longer craving sugar. The normal daily stresses didn't seem so difficult to handle anymore - GOODBYE ANXIOUS FEELINGS! Weeks in and I became excited about going and doing again. I started shopping and cooking and hosting people again at my house. I lost 6 lbs and my muffin top! Lol! This will be my third month using the products and I can say that I 100% believe in the quality and effectiveness. Not only because of my own story, but several of my close friends are experiencing amazing results.

Mommy being better is SUCH a blessing to the entire family. Friends, taking care of your physical selves is so key in you being able to love your family and life to the fullest! Life is TOO SHORT to stay in funkville!!"

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