Emily shares | Happy Mind

I absolutely love Emily Gibson's story and as someone with anxiety I can relate to what she is sharing! 💕👇

"Hi my name is Emily, and I suffer from #anxiety. I found something that worked and finally helped me breathe again. It was like this freedom I can't even explain 🙌🏻. I literally walked around going "Wait, is this normal? Is this how everyone else has been feeling all along???" because I had no idea that when you woke up in the morning your heart ❤️ didn't have to pound out of your chest from sun up to sundown. That was my normal since childhood, and I didn't even know there was a name to call it. To my peeps who suffer from anxiety , you know exactly the prison I'm talking about. I've had many friends choose to medicate their symptoms, but I have not, mostly because I didn't even know I had it until it went away. I found something that fixed it for me, and it didn't come with any side effects. I love feeling the highs and lows of life, and it gave me that freedom. Except for the last two ✌🏻 weeks. You see, I had to temporarily stop taking this particular probiotic. I'll spare you the details, but slowly...each day...all of my anxiety has returned. Do you know what it feels like to wake up and feel paralyzed like you cannot get out of bed? I do. If you had told me two years ago that balancing my gut was the root of my anxiety I would have ➡️🙄🙄🙄 #woowoo. If you told me that stopping that probiotic for two ✌🏻 weeks would bring it all back, I probably wouldn't have believed that either. But here I am, at 2:45pm craving sugar and feeling like I can't breathe, and remembering what it all felt like for 33 years of my life. I sure have gotten a lot done around the house today though 😆. My nervous energy always did seem supernatural didn't it? 🤣🙌🏻😳. So when I say these Plexus products are LIFE CHANGING, it's because I remember. I remember what it was like before. And I don't want anyone to have to struggle with something for a single day more, if what I have to share can help. I can't hardly wait to start that little probiotic again tonight. My pride almost kept me from knowing what it felt like to breathe...and then, it almost kept me from sharing it with others."

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