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WoW!!! Read as Adrianna Tucker tells her extraordinary Plexus experience! ⬇️

Getting raw with y'all for a minute. Some of you know these things, many of you don't. Hopefully it'll help someone. Reach out if it does

So. I had a mental breakdown last April. I have been 90% homebound ever since, only just started to get out of the house in the last few months. I dropped down to 98 lbs because of severe anxiety-induced digestive issues, I wasn't absorbing nutrients, I developed an autoimmune disease that damaged my intestines, my iron levels dropped to unsafe levels, my oral health declined rapidly, I was having multiple panic attacks a day. Couldn't leave my room for weeks except for a few minutes at a time. My mom had to take care of my kids a lot of the time (we live in her basement) because I couldn't function.

This past January, I got on Prozac. It got me functioning again, but I didn't want to stay on it because the main ingredient is fluoride and it calcifies the pineal gland which causes tons of health problems. (I'm studying to become a certified holistic health coach... researching medication and finding holistic treatments is something I do a lot of).

So I was told about a probiotic blend that was clinically tested and proven to help with mental health. 80% of our Serotonin (happy hormone) is produced in our gut. Targeting our gut helps our mental health. Poor gut health equals poor mental health.

A month on that probiotic blend, I asked my psychiatrist if we could start weaning off of the Prozac. Within 4 months, I was completely weaned off. I've been off for 2 months, and I'm still doing great with just the probiotic. This month is my busiest month of the year because of my line of work, and it's also a trigger for my PTSD for various reasons, but because I started taking double the probiotics a few weeks ago for 2 weeks, I have been cool as a cucumber all month. No panic, no stress, no downward spiral that I've had EVERY SINGLE YEAR in November for the past 4 years. The difference is HUGE!!!

I don't promote anything I don't 100% believe in. I absolutely believe in this probiotic blend. This month has been PROOF that it works. Even my mom said, "You look really good right now!!!" Normally I get pale and grey when I'm stressed and anxious. But not anymore 🙂 Anyway.... that's my novel.

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