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Almost 5 years ago - before I started therapy, before I learned about autonomic nervous system regulation, before I became a trauma-nerd, before I learned that I have cPTSD, before I really knew anything about the impact of gut bacteria on mental health...

...I started using these simple supplements for my health after hearing/reading some pretty cool stories from other people. #hashimotosthyroiditis #autoimmuneillness

Within a week I got energy, the depression I'd been dealing with for years lifted, my brain fog began to disappear, my sugar cravings eased, my mood stabilized.

Changing ones life is most often a combination of shifts and tools - never just one thing.

This one, tho.... out-performed my expectations! It's still just one tool in my toolbox, but it's a biggie! Next month will be 5 years! That's a long-term relationship, right? 🤔😍 #wereinitforlife 🥰

(P.S. in case I look EXTRA excited - my order processed yesterday and came TODAY 😳 - I was so happy it came that fast!)

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