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ANXIETY - so very real. Can you relate?
Check out Marissa’s story. It's so very encouraging! 👇🏻

"Anxiety crippled me for 3 years prior to Plexus. I couldn’t leave my house, I rarely ate, I stayed in bed nearly 24 hours a day, my friendships faded out, I was depressed and thought my life was destined to this routine. Convinced I would eventually be put somewhere and die from a lack of life due to anxiety. I finally gave in and started medication. It was doing the job well but I didn’t want to have to be on drugs forever. I wanted more children and the drug that was working for me cannot be taken in pregnancy.

Enter these plant based supplements. I had no idea that anxiety was directly related to my gut, to my blood sugar levels, to hormonal imbalances. I had such a lack of knowledge on how to take my health into my own hands without the use of artificial ingredients.

I’m proud to say today I am completely off medication and functioning fully, even better than when I was on medicine! I no longer fear when a dose is missed because I know my body is balanced. I sleep, I eat healthy, I interact with my friends and family, I sit in the front row at my church, which if you’ve ever had anxiety you know being in the front of anywhere is hard the less attention on you the better. I’m a youth leader a wife who cooks and cleans, a better sister, a more fun daughter. I leave my bed! I could go on for days about plexus and how incredible it is but I will leave it here! Seriously take the plunge and try it out your life is WORTH it!”

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