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"$400? Seriously...?

I walked out of Walgreens in tears and out of breath because my asthma had gotten so bad that even walking from my truck to the pharmacy counter triggered me.

It had been out of control for so long and I was scraping by on the inhalers and medication I had left over from when I had insurance.

But here I was, self employed, in a new state where I didn’t have the client base, or the set up to get back to work like I needed. I couldn’t afford insurance... but now I was facing not being able to afford my asthma medication.

I got back to my truck and just cried. I didn’t know what to do next... I knew I was causing permanent damage to my lungs by letting it get this bad and stay like this for so long.
I was self medicating with anything I could get over the counter but I was just barely getting by with that.

I’d love to tell you that today I’m cured of asthma. But that isn’t my story. The miracles have happened in different ways than I anticipated...

Since I started taking my supplements back April, I have had a tremendous decrease in my asthma triggers.

Meaning the allergies, exercise, and stress are no longer triggering my asthma even close to the degree they used to. 🙌🏼 That tells me a few things; my immune system is stronger, the inflammation in my body is decreased and my stress levels are down. #guthealthmatters

I’ve been able to reduce my allergy meds, reduce my asthma medications (under the supervision of my doctor) and I haven’t needed my rescue inhaler on a regular basis...

The last miracle... I can AFFORD the medication and doctor appointments that I do need.🙏🏻🙌🏼 #hardwork #provision

If you’re wondering why I’m STILL sharing about these things every day, its because it matters. Someone out there is facing things like this and I can’t sit back knowing that something I have could be a blessing to them like it has been to me."

Emily’s story is so inspiring! GUT HEALTH MATTERS. No more band-aids...get to the root of what is going on inside your body!

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