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Check out Suzanne McCreary Shirley's Testimony. I am so happy for you Suzanne!!!

"You know that feeling? When you work so hard, pray even harder, believe in your soul, and know deep down inside that something amazing can actually happen to you? I had accepted my life the way it was. I was happy being a teacher. I loved my students with all my being. I showed up every single day for them. But Oklahoma teachers are not paid what they are worth and the stress that comes with the education profession is tremendous. It plays a toll on the body and the mind. I felt called by God to be a teacher, but I fought that calling because I knew the work was never-ending and the paycheck was small. Nevertheless, I poured my life into my vocation and into my students and I have no regrets whatsoever. The classroom taught me patience, humility, selflessness, vulnerability, and kindness.

I fought off the opportunity to join Plexus just like I fought becoming a teacher. From an ignorant perspective I looked at network marketing and thought, "people don't really make money in those things." Boy was I wrong. When the opportunity crossed my path over and over and over again and I saw so many who were successful, I could no longer ignore it. I saw from day 1 what Plexus was. I decided to go ALL IN. I quit graduate school and devoted my free time to Plexus. I didn't have one team member, one customer, or a paycheck yet, not even the products in my hands....and I began sharing the stories of other people with anyone who would listen. I didn't think the products would help me one bit because I thought I was healthy. Well...God had plans for that too. I got healthy by default! I now have an empty medicine cabinet, am rarely sick, and I no longer struggle with a carb addiction that plagued me.

When people began joining me, I was blown away by what the products did for them and how so many got their lives back in so many ways. When I came to a point in 2016 where I knew that I could monetarily walk away from teaching, once again I began asking God..."Are you sure this is what you want me to do? Leave this profession that is my life's career?" I heard God telling my soul deep inside, "Suzanne, no one is telling you to go. You can stay right here. Teachers are important and they fulfill a great need in today's society. But do you want more? Do you want to give more? Love more? Lead more? Influence others more? Become more?" I knew the answer: YES!

In May, 2017 I earned the rank of Emerald Ambassador with Plexus Worldwide. My team is numbered at over 2,100 people who passionately believe in this company and these products that change lives. This rank is the first Jewel rank in Plexus and allows me to experience the most incredible perks, among them a Lexus and a trip to Hawaii every single year, paid for by the company. The recognition I have received for mine and my team's hard work is truly incredible. Never in my life have I felt so appreciated and rewarded. Most of all, my classroom of thousands now is proof that I can change I many more lives than I did as a teacher.

This opportunity is REAL. The freedom is REAL. The earning potential is REAL. The health changes are REAL. Our products are revolutionary and they are the reason why I boldly declare from the rooftops that everyone needs them! The startup is only $34.95 and the average product combo is around $3-$4 per day. For those who want to just get healthy, get their products paid for, earn a nice side income, or go to the top of the company and become financially independent....all of it is possible. There is no glass ceiling in Plexus. The sky is the limit. I will never look back now! I have a new calling in my life and I am so honored to be a part of Plexus Worldwide. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! "

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