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Jill Renfro:

"Seasons. #rememberwhen

Today we enjoyed a full Sunday together🤗and chatted in the car about the "remember when days."

Remember when you worked every Sunday?
Remember when I always sat at church alone?
Remember those months we never went to bed together?
Remember when you worked on Thanksgiving?
Remember the Sunday after a school holiday break when I would be in tears?
Remember when our schedules never lined up?
Remember when we didn't know how we would pay the rent?
Remember when we got that first Plexus paycheck for $50 and thought "what if?"

Life is about seasons. I'm so grateful for each and every one we have been in apart and together because it has led us to exactly where we are today. Together on a holiday, on a Sunday, bed at the same time, no teacher anxiety, no out of town work, all bills paid, and dreaming big!

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