Olivia shares | Financial Freedom

#CollegeKids listen to this! I love Olivia's story! 💗 She's a Ruby ambassador with Plexus! Anyone can do this!!
"I joined Plexus on my 18th birthday- I'm now 20 years old and retired.
Before Plexus, I had no real income, I didn't have money to buy a car or even contribute to gas money. I couldn't buy my parents & siblings nice birthday presents or Christmas presents.
I was at a point in my life where I wasn't sure where life was going to take me with finding a job that I loved. All I wanted was to have a job that I loved and that made me happy. I didn't want to be miserable while working the 9-5 job like most people.
I worked at a restaurant while being a full time college student, barely making any money, and not to mention the fact that I never had any time to get my homework done.
My mom joined Plexus first. I saw it change her health and it changed my family's income! I tried the products, and it changed my health as well! (If you want to know my full health testimony, message me! I'm trying to make this post as short as possible lol).
I saw that these products were for real, I saw that this business is real and I saw that the compensation plan is out of this world!! Like I mentioned, I joined as soon as I turned 18. 3 months later I was able to quit my job at the restaurant because I was making so much more in Plexus!!!
Since then, I kid you not.. my income has multiplied x45 PER MONTH. (🙏🏼😭💕and it continues to grow every single month). Y'all. Plexus is the real deal. We have natural, plant-based products that WORK. If we didn't have products that work, I would not be this successful.
I bought my first car in 2015 with just my Plexus paychecks. Brandon and I are buying our first house this summer with the money that he and I have saved from our Plexus paychecks (he and I met through Plexus, remember? 😍), and I've saved a TON of extra money along the way. Thanks to Plexus, I also get to be a stay at home momma when that time comes. Y'all that has been my dream since I was a little kid. 🙏🏼
Plexus is the real deal and I'm so thankful to have it in my life. Thank you Jenn for sharing Plexus with Celeste. Thank you Celeste for sharing it with Cheyenne. Thank you Cheyenne for sharing it with Kim, thank you Kim for sharing it with my mom, Angela.. and thank you mom for sharing it with me. Without y'all sharing your passion for Plexus, I would not have been able to change as many lives as I have been able to.
I'm soooo beyond thankful to have a "job" that I LOVE more than anything in the world. I will never stop sharing my love for Plexus. 💕

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