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Here's some FUN FACTS for you!
Roxanne Michelle says:
"Fun facts about my Plexus journey the last 8 months...
- I joined thinking Plexus was a scam
(I was the biggest skeptic)
- I've done other network marketing and was never successful
- I joined thinking that I would stop taking it after the first month
- I watched my SIL post about Plexus for months and months before joining
- I have lost 22 lbs and feel amazing
- I'm one rank away from my Plexus Lexus
- Plexus products are natural and plant based
- Plexus Slim tastes like a cherry tootsie pop
- Plexus isn't for weight loss, that's just a side effect of getting healthy
- My husband was the biggest skeptic and wanted nothing to do with the business (he told me not to talk to him about it), now he is a believer and loves the products
- My mom talked me into joining bc she was tired of hearing me talk about it 🙉🙊 (she said just just do it, what do you have to lose)
- I've won 4 trips in 8 months paid for in full and two of those trips including round trip tickets for my husband too!
- We have no inventory, no quotas, and we get paid 11 ways
- My first paycheck with Plexus, I made enough to cover my car payment
- By month 4 I was matching my husband's full time income
- By month 8, I am doubling my husband's full time income
- My biggest regret is not signing up sooner
- AND MY FAVORITE ONE... I saved the biggest blessing for the end. I am able to stay at home with no stress and no questions about it because of my Plexus income.
Plexus is not a scam, and I'm living proof of that!! Don't be afraid to fail, be afraid not to try!!!"

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