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[M I N I * B L O G]

😭 I’m STILL numb that the fact I am here y’all!

I’m a homeschool momma of 2 beautiful girls and a wife to my HS sweetheart 16 years this August.

I grew up in the military as well was a spouse. Gods taking me many places and I am so grateful for every footprint he’s left in my life. Including this one.

I have my health back! 😭 I suffered from Endometriosis since HS but diagnosed in college. In and out of doctors appts left and right. 2 surgeries. Monthly cysts rupturing. I was crippled by pain. All the time. Exhausted to say the least. I looked 9 months pregnant most of the time due to Endo belly. 👉🏼 My Story

I did all the diets. Literally ALL the things! I prayed hard. I looked into the Endometriosis center in Atlanta and had all of my paperwork ready to fly out and have the “Top” doctors look at me. Then I started having a feeling that something wasn’t right. I started following all the facebook group sites for this center and noticed a trend. Almost all women had symptoms return after a year. 😭 So I prayed again. What to do?! A hysterectomy?!

Then came Jana Barnes. I had heard about Plexus for over a year but the way that she talk to me made me feel as if I could listen.

I never ever EVER wanted this business let alone products, but my Jana never gave up on me and purchased them for me. 😮 (I even gave them back to her if that says anything) my husband was NOT on board. Hated everything about it and we had several arguments because of it 🙈

Then she invited me to Super Saturday Jan 6th 2016, and that’s where everything changed for me. I only went for a girls weekend away, (because I didn’t want more arguments with my husband about it lol) and came out in shock wondering if maybe I could do this?! And how would I tell my husband 😂

I put my foot down and told him, what if this is the door I’ve been praying for that God was allowing to open for me?!

I went Silver in March (3 months), Gold in July (8 months), Sr Gold in October (11 months), Ruby in March 2017 (16 months) and Sr Ruby in July 2017 (20 months) where I stayed. My team was falling apart and I felt like I was barely floating above water not knowing what to do but to keep loving on them and praying for them. Hard. Then March happened and I Ranked to Emerald 😭💚 For real?!

Y’all before Plexus. I had a sign business called The Pickled Elephant on fb and sold signs and taught classes just so we weren’t negative every paycheck. I would stay up all hours & sleep only 2-4 just to make ends meet. And our girls were tiny at this time. 😭 I truly did enjoy it but it was draining me. I couldn’t live like that forever. Praise God I listened to a door he had open for my family.

I’m so grateful to where God is leading my family and cannot wait to see what other pages he has in his story for us! 😭💚

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