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I love what Jessica says!

I remember when my kids would take a nap it would mean I could lay down and take a nap too! Now that I'm no longer a #mombie and I have energy, I don't need naps! I look at it as a productive time to get stuff done. 👊👏🏻🙌🏻I basically started building a business during nap times. I had about 20 people on my team when I had my 2nd baby at home. She's 18 months now and I have over 300 on my team. #ificanyoucan Doing it all from my phone #sharing an effective solution for gaining health and I get to choose my view and office #anywhere 😍 It's amazing what you can get done during nap times and #breastfeeding #momlife #naptime #motherhood #baby Who else wants energy to be the next nap time CEO 👊 it can change the future of your family!! See what working during nap times did for our family! (In comments) what do you do during nap times?

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