Georgette shares | Financial Freedom

Meet, Georgette Farrell Monaghan. She’s a strong woman, leader, mother, wife, former dental hygienist, and this is her story:

Have you ever been at a point in life where you felt you were with out purpose and this was just the way it was going to be? This is where I’d been for most of my adult life! I was blessed with an incredible husband, child, and family but continued to be consumed with a daily “black cloud” over my head. I’d worked for over 20 years in a career as a dental hygienist but the toll the profession was having on my body had been present for several years. I was the “look healthy” person on the outside but the “she’s a mess” person on the inside. The chronically achy neck, shoulders and back in addition to the black cloud I felt was constantly over my head, had me depending way too much on over the counter pain relief for discomfort, sleep aids for sleep and prescription meds (which didn’t work, I tried them all ) for anxiety and crappy moods. I had also dealt with major gi issues for years.

In Jan. of 2015 I took a chance on these little supplements from a company called Plexus! Research proved they addressed inflammation, gut health and blood sugar issues. Although I was incredibly skeptical (partly BC of my negative mindset I’m sure) I knew these things could be playing a part in my struggles. I began and told no one out of pride and denial.

Fast forward 90 days and my health had taken a 360. I was no longer chronically achy and Advil dependent, sleep aid dependent, anxiety meds dependent and had a transformed, healthy, regular gut. This girl has now been medication free since 90 days into this journey. I knew there were others suffering silently and I couldn’t keep this to myself! As of April 2018, I’m 2 years into being an entrepreneur, done with the monotony of a dental hygiene career and working to build someone else’s dreams. I wake up with a purpose and excitement to be with a growing network marketing company I’d never imagine being a part of. I’m grateful daily for the life rope this company has been and for taking the chance on it when God placed it in my path!

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