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Y'all, I helped SAVE a gentleman's JOB!!!

He works in an environment where he CANNOT be on insulin, and his health was headed towards needing it. Desperate, he got off the fence and tried that little #pinkdrink you see me post about occasionally.

Just prior to this, I'd helped my friend Paul get his sugar balanced naturally by this amazing formula from an Ohio State University endocrinologist. Paul was so excited, he began sharing about his results…and you guessed it! Now this man has his sugar balanced and can keep his job!

I just recently got told I was peddling “cures” that were scamming people out of their money and making false claims. I make no claims, cure nothing, I only share the success I've seen in my personal health and those who have chosen to get off the fence and try something BACKED by SCIENCE that supports the body in healing itself.

We have many doctors, pediatricians, nutritionists, nurses, etc. who highly recommend, and some even prescribe, these products. So the next hater to get ignorant and accuse me of trying to make a quick buck or calls a reputable business that's been growing and thriving for over a decade, a scam, without doing the research, can take themselves right off my friend list.

Anyone who knows me knows I am an honest-to-a-fault, God-fearing woman who cares little for material things. If I have knowledge that can help someone, I most certainly won't be keeping it to myself. If you think I'm peddling quackery, you haven't done your research and have no business commenting on what I post.

I'm a little fired up because I realize just how many people I've actually helped and I can't keep this to myself anymore. I've had a lot on my plate so sharing hasn't been a priority but that's no excuse. I'm in a good place and I intend to redeem the opportunities lost and start motivating y'all out of your comfort zone and off your fence! If you don't need what I have (99.9% of y'all DO) I KNOW you know several people who do, so send those referrals, talk to them, let's get this blessing spreading!

Expensive? Nope…you do the math…saved a man's job, helping him stay healthy OFF medication… I'd say it's PRICELESS!

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