Let’s talk about Chromium! Why does this “pink drink” I drink work so well? The main ingredient is Chromium. And for sugar addicts, this mineral is significant! Almost 90% of Americans are deficient in chromium, so if you are addicted to carbs or sugar you probably need more of this valuable mineral too!

Chromium is critical for preventing blood sugar swings. Without it, our sweet and carb cravings grow very strong. Chromium also builds muscle, promotes the burning of unneeded body fat, and helps normalize cholesterol levels.

If you crave sweets and generally can’t resist food cravings, it’s very possible you lack the chromium you need to keep blood sugar levels normal and stable. Chromium helps your body properly use insulin and may help prevent the insulin resistance that leads to blood sugar issues.

The most frequent symptoms of chromium deficiency include:

*sudden rise in anxiety levels
*decrease of energy
*chronic fatigue and anxiety
*muscle weakness
*constant hunger
*excessive thirst
*sweet cravings
*frequent urination
*mood swings
*cold sweats

Crazy Right!?!

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